Since 2008, Brigid has taught piano and harp. While a student, she studied with notable teachers around the country and took coursework in pedagogy. This strong background enables Brigid to approach teaching from practical and theoretical standpoints.

Brigid teaches harp according to the Salzedo school. Carlos Salzedo was a revolutionary harpist of the early 20th century who emphasized a solid technical foundation in order to create a clean, beautiful sound. Many of today’s leading orchestral and solo harpists proudly belong to the Salzedo school.

Brigid works with students to develop a high level of musicianship. The foundation starts with relaxation and breathing. With regular, focused practice, students learn to read music, understand rhythm, and to play confidently. Brigid encourages all students to perform publicly at least twice a year.

As a first step to playing the harp, Brigid requires students to have a strong foundational knowledge of piano.  The ability to read bass and treble clefs, play right and left hands simultaneously, and understand the basics of rhythm before approaching the harp will make for a happy learning experience.

The next step is to contact Brigid to discuss options for renting or purchasing a harp.  Brigid is more than happy to help newcomers navigate the harp world.